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Steve Lacy - Laced Euphonies (Unofficial Mixtape)

follow steve - https://soundcloud.com/steevlacy - https://twitter.com/stevelacys I am aware that "C U GiiiiiiiiRL" can't really be considered a part of the mixtape since it is for sale on itunes; which is why this is unofficial? purchase "C U GiiiiiiiiRL" here - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/c-u-girl/id1030015256?i=1030015261 This unofficial mixtape is just a compilation of his public tracks, purely for entertainment and well-intentioned dissemination. I. 4 wut tho: 0:00 II. Out of me head: 00:56 III. Oh nahh: 3:17 IV. jars of it: 5:03 V. atomic vomit (blone): 7:28 VI. The Song: 8:56 VII. moreshortshit: 9:30 VIII. C U GiiiiiiiiRL: 10:22 IX. DOTHERS MAY SONG: 12:32 X. When I: 13:16 XI. thats no fun: 14:17

Thanks for reading Steve Lacy - Laced Euphonies (Unofficial Mixtape)

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